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Rockstar Games logo is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This is a Playstation 3 posse of the Dutch game website . At, we have a close community and therefore we like to play games together as well.

Joining the posse

You have to be Dutch and be a member of . If you are, go to the posse website under External Links and post your Playstation Network ID in the topic.

The posse is a lot bigger than 8 people. This is because the group will vary everytime we play because if we'd only have 8 poeple in the posse, there never would be 8 posse members online. So we have a lot of members so we can create multiple posses at the same time or one posse with the members that are online at the time.


Leaders (Gamed username - PSN ID)

  • GekooktEi - GekooktEi
  • Trueskill - Genocide_V3

Other members (Gamed username - PSN ID)

  • Brastin - brastin1
  • Deathtanz Matisk - DemonPredator
  • DonKills - Donkills
  • HarmonicaNL - HarmonicaNL
  • Joraaaan - joran29
  • Lajakovic - lajakovic
  • Lawliet - nights16
  • Mafusto - Mafusto
  • Ninodude - ninodude
  • RikkOss - doklanden
  • Sayonara - SolidIchigo
  • Stefan van B. - Wh1teG0ld
  • Streetfighter - Kevin_DX
  • Taw0n - TheGameX5
  • TheBryman - Bryan-vb
  • Tomke123 - ALIEN_NL
  • Nelus - RMNiels

External links

[1] Gamed Homepage

[2] Gamed PS3 posse forum topic

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