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Gaming Frenzy is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse...

Miles was an lonely fat kid, shunned by his parents for his talentless life. When one day Rockstar came up with an idea, that Cowboys vs Other Cowboys would be a brilliant game to make, went along thier daily business, did a few favours they don't want to speak of again and created Red Dead Redemption. Oh, and our mascot is Tom this week.

We're on XBL because if you use PSN you might aswell have come out of the closet already...

Video Games don't kill the brain if you only live 8 walls away or 4 doors down the road or if you love the way theres no respect.

Tom's favourite song of the week is YMCA by the Village People.

Members of the Pusse

Miles Keeling - Da man / Da fat one / Da one with da black dot / da one who can't spell / da one who made Dan Dacosta make this page.

Josh Prosser - Not quite da f*cking man ( and never will be ).

Tom Moore - Still turd, and is totally homo

Dan Dacosta - Thinks hes the best but has never got a kill once

Liam Dunne - Best player

Billy Hunter - The kid that never really bought the game because he was so scared of Tom's amazingly lame powers but always engaged in conversations about our Team Rapper , Demo-Crazy

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