About the posse

We are currently only on Xbox 360, abd we're looking for more members. The usual gang hideouts we do is Tumbleweed, Fort Mercer, and Tesoro Azul, and sometimes we travel to Las Hermanas, and Blackwater to take down the lawmen.


  1. Everyone are equal!
  2. Never back down from a fight!
  3. Never let your posse down!
  4. No misbahavior!
  5. Never betray your posse! (by killing other members or join another posse)

Join the posse!

To join this posse just send a friend request to the leader, Davidvilla95!

Please join this posse if you want action and good team play! Everyone is welcome! When you join you can get a free mount from the second leader, Thrillerdude95. Just send him a message with which mount you want. Examples: Bonzo (bull), Super Bull, Buffalo, Zebra Donkey...

Leaders of the posse

  • Davidvilla95
  • Thrillerdude95 (Legendary 5 - Level 50)


  • edgarninja
  • veterl
  • cwelch93
  • IVI oo B E Y
  • Q8 x OBSeRVeR
  • gooner 4 life08
  • HightimesUK
  • Exydos89

Traitors and enemies

These players have kicked out off the posse after killing members of their own posse or done bad things to the posse:

Most Wanted: norway174 - killed own gang members, cheating (or many glitches)

  • ScOrcher VII - killed own gang members

If you EVER meet these players, don't show any mercy!


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