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Gaptooth Ridge Crows is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We, Gaptooth Ridge Crows, are a Red Dead Redemption posse on the ps3.
Through roaming the different multiplayer game modes, we shake the balance of the online gaming as we know it.

We do everything from Free Roam to Hardcore gang shootouts. Organizing games and delivering the wrath of our pwnage posse + having fun together are our top priorities.

We are Dirty

We are Greedy

We are Ruthless
We are free as birds
We are
The Crows

Joining the posse

Joining is pretty easy. To join, please contact me, Dithmar on PS3 network.
Firstly we want to see what kind of player are you & do you have what it takes to become a true Gaptooth Ridge Crow.
After we've seen you in action, we'll inform you whether you were accepted in our ranks or not.

Posse News

June 4th 2010, Posse members Onneton & Vapor-- added. <-> June 4th 2010, Posse picture added. June 3rd 2010, Gaptooth Ridge Crows was formed.

Misc. info

The Crow is believed to be the most intelligent of all birds. When trying to open nuts, it will purposely place them in the roadway so cars will crack them open.


King of Crows (Leader)

  • Dithmar (PS3)

Crows (Other members)

  • Vapor-- (PS3)
  • Onneton (PS3)
  • Aarnivalkea (PS3)

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