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Our Territory

Gaptooth Ridge Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse was created for people who like to raise hell in any multiplayer game mode. Free roam, gang matches, stronghold, you name it, we own it. When this group is online and you enter Gaptooth, it's open season. No better friend, no worse enemy

Gaptooth Ridge is a constituent region of the New Austin territory featured in Red Dead Redemption. It is the westernmost region of the territory and borders the region of Cholla Springs to the northeast and the region of Río Bravo to the southeast. The San Luis River forms the southern border of the region, seperating it from Nuevo Paraiso. This area of the game is based on Arizona and southern California with its tan rocks and saguaro cactus and Joshua trees.

More gang hidehouts and wanted criminals are located in Gaptooth Ridge than any other region. Most consider Gaptooth Ridge to be the most dangerous area in the game.

Joining the posse

If your looking for a good group of players who likes to roam around and get things done as a team, just log some playing time with one of our leaders. If we like ya, your in. No cheaters please, if you can't play without playing clean, there's no place for you here.



  • pancakepuppie
  • wt6187
  • FE 193

Other members

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