George Romero's Aligator Party is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

A group of refined and established gunslingers who have gathered together and become gentle menn of leisure, and killing. Indiscriminate killers, anyone is fair game, though we prefer to go after any and all Mexicans.


Joining the posse

In order to join this grand order of gentlemen, you must first prove to us you are NOT:

A. A furry.

B. A Mexican.

C. A furry Mexican.

D. Someone who can't speak english and who's balls have not dropped.

After that, you have to have beaten every gang hideout ALONE BY YOURSELF WITH NO HELP WHATSOEVER USING ONLY YOUR KNIFE AND FISTS WITHOUT DYING. Only real men can pull this feat off. Or Reginald could just decide you're cool enough to get in, after meeting the requirements listed above. Also, if you're a GURL GAMER who is in fact a GURL and makes the fact that she is a GURL and plays GAMES despite being a GURL, tough luck.


None yet. :(


  • Reginald Sturmo (Co-founder)
  • Red Caltavera (Co-founder, currently exiled due to RROD)

Other members

None yet :(

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