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The Ghost Squad Is Here

Ghost Squad is a Red Dead Redemption posse.ONLY FOR XBOX 360.

About Us


A online squad that help each other and create training rooms,we like to do gang hideouts (fort mercer and pike basin) and various custom game modes and minigames.

Joining the posse

To enter the posse,you must be LVL.6 and use Jack marston Skin,posse leaders and Assistants must be using MR.Kelly skin,Normal members must be Using the title of tenderfoot or gun shark.




Jack Marston


Our bases are Fort Mercer and Cochinay, Keep doing the fort mercer and Pike's basin hideouts for great amount of XP.

Rdr fort mercer gates

Fort Mercer

Rdr pike's basin

Pike's Basin


  • Dont kill any members
  • Events are various custom game modes and gang hideouts.
  • If Ratchetrex is not Online, Redbucyrus will be the temporary Leader.
  • a Training room for newcomers will be avaible on Private Free Roam and Undead Overrun.
  • Minigames will be avaible(Tomahawnk Training,Horse Races,Free Roam Posse Races and Posse wars.
  • Tall tress is our area,Beware of Bears, Pumas and the werewolf!!! (just kidding) ...
  • The leader of the Posse is Brazilian, as some other MEMBERS but most are Americans.



  • Leader 1=Ratchetrex
  • Leader 2=Redbucyrus

Other members

  • Member 1=
  • Member 2=
  • Member 3=
  • Member 4=

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