Ghost Team is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Hello, We are called Ghost Team. What we do is so classified that other clans can't keep up with our intel operations. That being said we a a inclosed group of soldiers, men and women, who fight to protect others. WE are not military however ost are ex-soldiers from the following groups, United States Marines, 1st Battalion 75th Regiment Army Division, and C.I.A intelligence agency. Now, we dont follow conduct and are free to do as what is necessary, special ops and agents serve in this clan.

Joining the posse

The only way to join the Clan is if we discover you, do not come to us and ask, that is a huge red flag. We will not accept any users who come by YouTube. Also we only accept distant friends, and men that I have served with in the past 3 years. Sorry, We are recruiting but not from VIA YouTube.



  • Ghost-Taser = Ghost Leader
  • Ghost-York = Vice Leader


  • Ghost-Hornet
  • Ghost-Grinch
  • Ghost-Baker

Other Members

  • Ghost-Hydra
  • Ghost-Icepick
  • Ghost-Sapphire
  • Ghost-Harpy

External links

Search us up on YouTube by the following links for some little descriptions about what we do...

  • Assassination of OuttLaw Jesse
  • Assassination of Ranger_Hauk
  • OuttLaws and Ghost Team vs Real Deal

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