Ghost Team Havoc is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Hello, I am Ghost-Taser. I am the leader of this special operations unit. We are all about stealth and sneaking behind enemy lines. We are taking in brand new guys and training them to their best potential. I have served many clans as along with my brothers. However now it is a new era. My enemies are being taken out and new clans are rising to the top. Ghost Team will be at the top.

Joining the posse

If you are interested in joining add Ghost-Taser. I am the only person able to recruit you and give you your insignia. You dont have to be good at RDR but somewhat decent. Also following orders and taking on objectives is very key. We will get you leveled up and gold guns as well. That being said you have to make a new account to join.


Ghost-Taser Ghost-York Ghost-Hornet Ghost-Icepick Ghost-Baker Ghost-Fuji Ghost-Hydra Ghost-Mammoth Ghost-Buckshot Ghost-Bronco ghost-Critical Ghost-Rebels


We are currently in a group called the UNITED NATIONS, a.k.a. UN. It consists of the Cuban Army and USMC. We are not at war with anyone at this point.


We own West Elizabeth. Out capitol is Blackwater, and our three outpost are Beechers Hope, pacific Uninon R.R, and Manzanita post. We do not own Cochinay however USMC does. The Cuban Army owns Diez Coronas. Their bases are Torquemada, Casa Madrugada, El Matadero. They do not ownw El Presidio.

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