Glorious Basterds is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

An official posse created by two guys from Finland with a sence of humour. We do challenges to help each other out and earn XP, we play co-operatively and competetively in all the different game modes. But the most important thing is that every member in the posse is having fun while playing!

Specific Outfitting

You can wear any clothing you like and use whatever mount and title you like, there are no can and can'ts in this posse. What ever suits you, suits us.

Joining the posse

The posse is for every one who's looking forward to having some fun online. Sure, we play competetiv games and work our a**es of just so that we can laugh to the personen who sucked the most, but we also just ride through the wilderness to explore, go hunting for some animals and kill the low level users. Who ever you are, you are always welcome to join our posse. Just send me a message over the PlayStation to the ID: Levyrimies. Thank You.





Other members

No one yet

External links

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