Goon Squad is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Goon Squad is not a posse or a gang, but a brotherhood bound by hardship and similar values. We are a group of men (and occasionally some women) who are trying to survive and keep order in the Wild West. We have strict morals and values and have a code only known by the brotherhood of Goons. We value big guns, fast horses, strong drinks and fighting. We don't kill unless it's in self defense (or a shady Mexican Man. Due to previous experience Goon Squad reserves the right to kill any shady men in Mexico of any race), or if the sorry bastard deserves to be killed. Our story begins with our leader, the Polish Steelman. Born to Polish immigrants, Steelman left the Steel Towns of the West Virginia Panhandle with his right hand man. His right hand man was a Fat Italian from Pittsburgh, the town of the Polish man's origin. As they made their way south and west, they met up and gained more brothers. A hillbilly from North Carolina, a Cajun gambler in New Orleans, and many more. Goon Squad soon made it to New Austin, where they joined together to work in the mines of Gaptooth Breach. This all changed when the Cajun was captured by Bill Williamson himself after a dispute in the desert. The rest of Goon Squad came to his rescue by a stealthy infiltration of Fort Mercer. After this incident Goon Squad was officially created. The mission, to survive out in the harsh West and to clear the region of crime and evil. Goon Squad began to operate in West Elizabeth and Nuevo Paraiso also, with no permanent hideout or base of operation. Goon Squad is still fighting the good fight out West, maybe you just might be saved by the Polish man and his brothers. Hell, maybe you can join us.

Joining the posse

Joining Goon Squad is simple. Meet up with our leader somewhere in New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, or West Elizabeth. Due to the advent of wireless internet and Xbox 360's, this process has become much easier. Just message WojoSteelers and say the password "White Water Buffalo".



Our founder and leader, the mighty Polish Steelman.

Other members

Our member make themselves known through their actions.

External links

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