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Goon Squad Decievels is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse is one of the best in PS3, we are actually a clan on any game.

Joining the posse

add the posse leader (ColdSoldier305) and ask him if you can join. you MUST be active if you actually want to join. (Rank doesnt matter)And this posse is on both PS3 AND 360 the 360 posse leader is Nuke Sg John (ColdSoldier305 brother)


xXMrEcuadorXx Dark__Sanctuary DoritoPatriot JoeRickie25 EllisDiaz


ColdSoldier305 Nuke Sg John

Other members

Benevolent45 JoeCazier TeufelHunden311

External links

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