About the Posse

This Posse was created prior to the launch of RDR; comprising of the finest gamers the East of England has ever seen.

If you are a rival posse seeking war then by all means,
Knock yourselves out,
But if you dont; we will.

It is not in our nature to ask questions; a simple bullet will suffice.


xWilliam - "Half a second is all he needs..."

xLeighton - "Ho Ho Ho...Green Giant..."

xFireinside - "Rage 2.0; dont fight, run..."

CDurrant - "He'll take all you've got; before you've even got it..."

stevie steve 11 - "Staircase references..."

AJMac x3h - "Coming soon, out of a closet near you..."

Mad Man Ben - "Cover your ears; here comes the complaining..."

Dark Legacy VI - "Ash Ketchum; but taller..."


We do not have a ranking structure,
We will never be recruiting new members,
Even if you try to persuade us,
Saying "oh, im good enough!",
Believe me, You're not.

Other Information

All of the information you should need will be above;

If the information you have found was not helpful then it is not my fault and you should QQ somewere else.

  • This page is often editted and any vandalism will not be handled lightly. Any defacing will likely result in administators being involved and a possibilitiy of the purpotrator being removed from the forum.*

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