GeorgeZ94's true identity

Gregg's Posse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

  • Monsieur Gregg was born into a life of crime, his mother was a baker who incorporated heroin into all her recipes, and his father was a notorious clown who made realistic phallus's out of balloons he was arrested in 1982 for running over a swan, he was hung drawn and quartered for his crimes. gregg turned to an addiction to solvents and 'blue cheese' and the age of 12, until he OD'ed while he was on a bus and released his bowells over several OAP's. his mother commited suicide while gregg was in rehab at age 15. gregg grew up alone and angry at the world he started his own gang, who often terrorised the residence of wiggan via the use of waterguns and other lethal firearms. in 1990 gregg was arrested at age 18 and stayed in prison for the attempted murder of Mr.torch K. he was released in 2009 and immediately went to kill torch again, he tracked him to a pub and assualted him, he left him on the floor leaving rather then ending his pathetic life. after this police were looking for him, so he went into hiding with his ex-wife molly. they are still hiding in her penthouse to this very day. once a month they go out recruiting people to join their posse, they hold thier meetings on xbox live too stay low. and often play red dead redmption

Joining the posse

  • if you want to join the posse contact georgeZ94 on xbox live. hell give you the details and if you are ever in the same game session as him, just try killing him to prove your worth, if you dare. if he is impressed with ur skills he may invite you to the posse. just send him 'can I join greggs posse' before so he knows your interested. lunar POBB manages the group so be sure to send him invites and other such requests



  • GreggTheDestroyer
  • Lunar POBB

Other members

  • georgeZ94
  • Samuel L sausage
  • DEADP00L I3

External links

we have no website we keep low. you dont find us, we find you

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