"Mercy in Peace, Fearless in War"



GreyWolf is made up of many different groups there are 2 leaders and a council of 5


GreyWolf_Amun-Ra, and GreyWolf_Hawk

Council Members:

GreyWolf_Odin, GreyWolf_Thor, GreyWolf_NimRoD_, GreyWolf_brownie, and GreyWolf_Otaktay


  • GreyWolf_Anubis
  • GreyWolf_Madusa
  • GreyWolf_Zed
  • GreyWolf_Boomer
  • GreyWolf_Khan


Tall Trees and Great plains

Joining info:

If you wish to join GreyWolf there are a few requirements you need to meet

  • Must be 13 or older (preferaby 14 or up)
  • Must be able to get on atleast 3 times a week

​In order to Join contact (GreyWolf_Amun-Ra, GreyWolf_Hawk, GreyWolf_Odin, or GreyWolf_Thor)

The Fallen:

The Fallen are former GreyWolf memebers most of which you may shoot on site these people are:

  • GreyWolf _Ares (or BearClaw_Unknown) shoot on site
  • GreyWolf_Deep360 (or BearClaw_Blaze) shoot on site
  • GreyWolf_Rage (or Bearclaw_Grizzly) shoot on site
  • GreyWolf_Yuri
  • GreyWolf_Marine
  • GreyWolf_Loki
  • GreyWolf_Mayhem

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