Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun

Brief Intro

Guns of Darkness (xGODx) are a Rockstar clan who mainly compete in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3.

The clan was formed in July 2011 by SepZero, Rynille, Alura and Scooter who were all former members of the FTR clan.

xGODx has a very loyal member base with the majority of the members being involved since the clan first formed, because of this the clan is very good in teamwork based PvP matches such as Grab the bag and Hold your Own.

Anyone wanting to arrange a clan match should contact either xGODxRynille or xGODxADONYS I

Anyone wanting to join xGODx should contact either xGODxRynille, xGODxADONYS I, xGODxAlura or xGODxRedemption

xGODx Official Memberlist

Clan Leaders

xGODxRynille - Overall Leader xGODxAlura - Overall Leader xGODxSepZero - Founder Member xGODx4sakin- Australian Leader xGODxMrNiteNite - US Leader xGODxTyskie - UK Leader xGODxLeft2Own - ROW Leader


Scotty2Balls - Australian General TBC - USA General TBC- UK General TBC - ROW General

Australian Members

xGODxRynille, xGODxAlura, xGODxSamburgular, xGODxMatty, xGODxScooter, xGODxFrostbite, xGODxLobster, xGODxSepZero

USA (United States of America) Members

xGODxMrNiteNite, xGODxFearing, xGODxWater, xGODxliveitup, xGODxHolden, xGODxMachine, xGODxSosa

UK (United Kingdom) Members

xGODxADONYS I, xGODx Tyskie, xGODxRedemption, IxGODxI SiDaRi, xGODx Jammy, xGODxWelshy, xGODxKarma

ROW (Rest of the world) Members

xGODxLeft2own, xGODxValhalla, xGODxFALKON, xGODxCRISTAWAR, xGODxKoiDragon, Truejustice, HIT U N RUN, Take it Easy

Max Payne only Crew Members

Bumbaclotbarbie, IronGOBLIN, KevOwnage, Ang3lic kill3r, EVILGREENEYES7, WHU Verbalosity, JQNASTY, LetnBulletsFLY, MaTcH3s MaLONe, NotSEAN, Bomb 2 Chest, Gobangonzago

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