Gunslinger's Of Destruction (GOD) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Attention All G.O.D Member's, In this Gang in Red Dead Redemption, There are Rules.

If these rules are broken you will be Banished from the gang and will never be allowed to Re-Join.

Rule 1: Respect The Main Leader's of the Posse. ("RedGanja, and MaRyJewOnA".)

Rule 2: Do Not Start Shit with any other posse without "RedGanja" Being There.

Rule 3: Do Not Say anything Racial or anything Offensive to other Players.

Rule 4: If RedGanja, or MaRyJewOnA order The Gang to Attack a certain Player don't Hesitate to Kill.

That is It on the rules. If you have any Questions send me a message.

Joining the posse

If you would like to join send RedGanja a message saying that you would like to try if your G.O.D Material. you Must Be at least Level 21+ to join if your not level 21+ dont even Bother to try and Join the gang.


RedGanja MaRyJewOnA


  • Leader 1: RedGanja
  • Leader 2: MaRyJewOnA

Other members

  • Member 1:
  • Member 2:
  • Member 3:
  • Member 4:

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