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Gunslingers of new austin is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

we are a posse of friends.we will let you join as long as you dont kill other players when your bord,and if we get shot at your allowed to kill him/her tell he leaves,the rest of us will help you.(THIS IS ON PS3/PSN)

Joining the posse

NO WHINING,dont have a high pitched voice,dont have echo,dont use voice changer also have a mic,msg Uncle_J_205 to join the posse.(we go on from 2-10 PM Central Time,unless im feeling the need to do an allnighter)



  • Uncle_J_205
  • Trippy18

Other members

  • lukiedoux
  • Poptart-94
  • Member 3 etc

External links

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