HAZ4 Gunslingers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The wild west section of Xbox360 Clan "HAZ4".

Joining the posse

To join the clan you must fill out the application form A38. To get application form A38 you first have to fill out the application forms B39 und S04. Before you can get both of these application forms you have to fill out (the green version) of the form U49, available at "Freak im Eimer" after filling out the form G55. To receive the form G55 you only have to fill out form Z47 and hand it out to "Err0rErr0rErr0r". This few steps are necessary to be allowed to play with us. After a probation and filling out application form K57 (available at "Deutschmann, Bordellkeenisch or Mr.Chilong") and application form X187 (available at "Titus Pull0, Arischer Psycho, Taggueg or Yeetai") we will have a voting about you joining us.



  • Freak im Eimer
  • Err0rErr0rErr0r

Other members

  • Titus Pull0
  • Bordellkeenisch
  • Deutschmann
  • Taggueg
  • Arischer Psycho
  • Mr. Chilong
  • Yeetai
  • ibn Schettler
  • sikici84

External links

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