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we scalp people

HOMELAND SECURITY is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We're a native american based clan that are fed up with other clans telling us to do this and that. we love guerilla warfare and tomahawks. you will have to listen to the main chief( Smokedgreencat) but you will only follow the War chief or the strongest fiercest warrior into battle. we do war dances before we go to war. women are encourage to join. we also have a peace chief (KIll A Foe 4Sho) who negoiates peace treaties. Political chief(iToaster v2) deals with the tribe itself. we also do other stuff. we are on xbox live.

Joining the posse

Send Smokedgreencat a message and we will show you the basics and at the end of your journey, the chief (ME/ Smokedgreencat) will take you up to bearclaw camp were you will have to kill a bear with a a melee knife. when this is done he will give you your native name which you will have to remember. be respectful during this process.



  • Main Chief: Smokedgreencat
  • War chief: C00ter Mcscooter
  • Medicine man: Jordan 313
  • Peace chief: Vacant

Other members

  • Monkey toes9strongest warrior)
  • Poofy Cresent55
  • HighbredGraph2 etc.

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