The Half-Eaten Mongeese is a posse in RDR on the 360. We do many things, like hunt down public enemies, become public enemies, gang hideouts, and even run a buffalo ranch on the side.



Our activites are numerous:

  • We are part-time Lawmen. If we are simply doing nothing when a public enemy shows up, we go after them.
  • If we want to, we'll go to El Presidio to become public enemies. SkepticalStatue will man the gatling gun near the front entrance, monkeyguts9 uses the canon up and to the right of that. DrFrohman (is supposed to :P) cover the back door.
  • Gang Hideouts are another activity. Our favorites are Fort Mercer and Pike's Basin. We will do other sometimes, though.
  • Buffalo Ranching: FacetheFate is the only one of us that has access to buffalo. The good news about that, however, is that he has access to both the regular and albino. So, we go to the Marston Ranch in Beecher's Hope, and put either buffalo species in the corral. They can't get out unless we open both sets of doors to the barn; they don't go out of the gate sections of the fence, and will just run around in it. We keep the larger doors to the barn open all the time, to let them have some more room to move around in. We can usually get up to 6 buffalo, because it's usually just monkeyguts9, DrFrohman2010, and FacetheFate, although SkepticalStatue may help us. How we do this is: FacetheFate calls in an albino buffalo, then monkeyguts9 gets on it. Then, FacetheFate calls in another one, and DrFrohman2010 gets on that. Finally, FacetheFate calls in a third, and gets on that himself. Then, we all ride the buffalo into the corral. Next, FacetheFate changes his mount to a regular buffalo, then we repeat the process with the regular ones.


If you are interested in joining, contact the leader, monkeyguts9, and the posse will consider you.

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