Hardcore Legendary Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the gang

We are an Xbox 360 gang. We play hardcore free roam. We only use horses and donkeys as mounts. We don't use auto weapons because weren't not fucking noobs. You can be any character you want in our gang. All members use the title Maniac Militia Member. And we are open for small clan/gang/army battles.

Joining the gang

Their are certain requirements to join are gang:

  • You must have been level 50 at least once.
  • You have to be 15 or older.
  • You have to be mature.
  • You can't have a squeaky ass high pitched voice.


Gang Boss

  • insanelysane09

Gang Lieutenants

  • DarkJustin77
  • DannyRockz711

Gang Members

  • Joseph McCloud2
  • Schweeger
  • CavalierG dog
  • LON3 x WARRiOR
  • AceSHADOW1992
  • Diablo Insane O

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