File:Hardville.xcf Hardville Unicorns is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are all from central Jersey and we play on X Box Live.

We usually ruin free roam for other posses and run the town in gang shootouts.

We are the fucking bee's knees.


Silhouette unicorn

Joining the posse

No spots availble bitches.

Bad Ass Mother Fuckers

PhightingPhils - "Dynomite Dead Eye"

Fratzican - "On Your Face Fratz"

CISZEK - "Cheese Wiz Ciz"

Lifeseaker24 - "Lynyrd Skins Everything He Sees"

Lk Butler - "Guarder of Lifes"

streetXlethal - "The K/D Kid"

The Cakemaster - "The World Cup Qualifier"

Wounded Penguin - "Mello Yello Man"


Boss - PhightingPhils

Second in Command - Fratzican

Foes Defeated

Jack Bauer

Kanye West


James Bond

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man


Guniea-saurus Rex

Clay Aiken

and Tom from Myspace.

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