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Have Guns Will Travel is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Hello all Red Dead Redemption players. Our posse Have Guns Will Travel is mainly about levelling, completing challenges, raiding gang hideouts, and more importantly kicking a$$ in player matches and free roam. Our posse is also about positive communication towards each other so that we can work together effectively in multiplayer. This means that trash talking towards posse members will be frowned upon. If any of our posse members were to be attacked during multiplayer, our posse members will cooperatively come and kill the attacker(s).

Joining the posse

Anyone that wishes to join the posse must be 25 OR HIGHER on their pre-legendary rank. All posse members that are accepted are also able to recruit friends to the posse, but must be APPROVED BY A LEADER for their entry. Players seeking entry must also be at 13 OR OLDER TO JOIN. Anyone that wishes to join must also have a GOLD MEMBERSHIP for xbox live and also a HEADSET to talk through. Players must also play on Red Dead Redemption at LEAST ONCE A WEEK MINIMUM, unless unable to for a good reason. Any player that wishes to join may send a friend request to IBULL3T M4GN3T and message me about their entry to the posse on xbox live. For more information about the posse, please message IBULL3T M4GN3T on xbox live with information.



  • Leader 1 IBULL3T M4GN3T
  • Leader 2 dustyrob

Other members

  • Member 1 Slug Snack
  • Member 2 springbrook12
  • Member 3 XxHITMAN11895xX

External links

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