Hell's Cavalry is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

All rules should be strictly followed and respected. After receiving one warning, any failure to follow the rules will result in a permanent ban from Hell's Cavalry. The word of a Boss is law and can override the rules posted on this page.

It is preferred that you do not use military or police avatars as they conflict the idea of Hell's Cavalry. By no means will you kill another posse member's mount. Mounts are sacred amongst Hell's Cavalry and, quite possibly, the ultimate disrespect. The only time you can kill a posse member's mount is during leisure time. Never kill a boss. Killing a boss unbeknownst will result in the ultimate punishment dealt by the Hell's Cavalry. Until we have a player who can be in-charge of the XBOX wing, we will only operate under PSN.

Mounts are sacred in Hell's Cavalry. Every member's mount is considered an extension of their own body. Mounts are treated with as much respect as your fellow posse members. Never will you purposefully kill a posse member's mount; accidents happen and we understand that, but extensive over-killing of mounts will result in punishment.

Since mounts are considered some of the most important parts to a posse member, the posse will have races as often as possible and keep track of a score of the best racers amongst the group. We ask that you be present for as many races as possible.

Free Roam:
In Free Roam, we remain civil with ALL other players unless we are threatened first. It isn't our job to spill unnecessary blood. If we are approached or attacked first, then we will mount up and ride into battle at the highest rank's command. On some occasions, a Boss can call for a siege of another player's territory if they'd like.

Base Camp:
Hell's Cavalry currently has two base camps that they frequent. One is located in the lower right corner of the map in Torquemada in a stealthily-hidden fort. This is the most important land claimed by Hell's Cavalry and is often kept from newer members until the Boss or Captain sees fit.

If repetitive contact with a certain posse is mad, the Boss and the Boss only will call for a rivalry and request that the leader or highest-ranking player online would like to race with the boss and their chosen posse members. If they deny a race, the boss will call for a PvP, and further will be decided.

Joining the posse

You can submit an application to join HC at

You can also message PiercedSirens or Reliently on PSN - we will get back to you as soon as possible.



  • PiercedSirens {First Legend at Rank 43}
  • Reliently {Fifth Legend at Rank 50}

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3 etc.

External links

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