Rdr marshal

Hermanos de la bandolera is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

the name is spanish for brothers of the Bandolier (we are on xbox 360) we are real outlaws we

  • destroy other gangs
  • hunt bears
  • kill lawmen

rules of the posse

no names (when u email me about joining ill give you a code name that code name will be your name in the posse)

  • no killing a posse member or someone helping the posse
  • always kill gang bosses slowly


if you want to join then email me at tell me

  • your gamer tag
  • your weapon of choice
  • your current level
  • don't tell me your name

p.s you must have a mic


  • booshologist-code name Whiskey


  • xTnTx BooMeR x-code name Yankee
  • M4N B3AR P19- code name Zulu

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