Hillbillies is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The hillbillies is one of the most dangerous gang in the history, with big train robberies and murder. They took over Blackwater from the government, and they also had Armadillo under their control. Some people in Mexico also say that they took over the control there too. The gang was created of the gang members Buckin' awesome and Duck, all started when Buck was in the forest of tall trees with his gang, a gang full of natives, and got attacked by the American army. After a long time of battling, the American army placed out a dynamite plant near Bucks shelter, the dynamites explode and hurt Buck and some of his gang. Just when it seems like the American army has won, Duck and his gang arrived. They help Buck and his gang to kill the American army. And after that they incorporate into a gang. They later on moved over to mexico, there they met the famous gunslinger "Gringo". "Gringo" is now the third gang leader of the Hillbillies.

Joining the posse

We decides if you are worthy enough to join us!

But remember be Awesome, Hilarious and everything will be Glo-ri-ous!


1. Buckin' awesome(dignifiedJet787, molander13)

2. Duck(vespinejungle0, Nosslo33)

3. Gringo(Larsson37)

4. Shooting star(BLINDdeafman)

5. Pig Swed (ijustplaying)

6. J7 (J7jpu)

7. hetler (hetler2012)

8. Swedish (SwedishRevolver)

9. Tejch (tejch)

10. Pyro (PyRo_Wu)


  • Leader 1 Duck
  • Leader 2 Buck
  • Leader 3 Gringo

Other members

  • Member 1 Shooting star
  • Member 2 Pig Swed
  • Member 3 J7
  • Member 4 hetler
  • Member 5 Swedish
  • Member 6 Tejch
  • Member 7 Pyro

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