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HoT ReVoLvErS is the best Red Dead Redemption Posse ever made!

==About the posse==

  • This Posse rests at nothing and we are all in this together. Even if we are robbing banks or burning down hideouts. Each member has been tested so only the best mambers get in. We work hard and never rest, untill we own the wild west. We plan our destruction, and strick when unexpected. We are hot and powerfull - We are HoT ReVoLvErS
  • Day 1 - We eliminate all the Posses
  • Day 2 - We take over all hideouts
  • Day 3 - We rob the bank
  • Day 4 - We take over the Wild West

==Joining the posse==

  • This Posse is closed as we have the maximum amount of players we want. Just tell me if you want a Posses Deathmatch, and we will be there, fully loaded and ready to cause destuction


  • (1)James
  • (2)Andrew
  • (3)Reece
  • (4)Darren
  • (5)Ryan
  • (6)Ricky


  • Leader 1: Reece
  • Leader 2(only when leader 1 is unavalible): Andrew

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