Rdr sister's keper

As side quests, we steal transport for the posse to ride in

The four men in our Posse

Many people reconize our presence from hearing a repetative number of gun shots


Homeless Alliance of Western American is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Homeless Alliance of Western America rebels against the understating government of the U.S. Many have abandoned us at our time of poverty and infection, the HAWA intends to avenge any of our fellow companions’ tragic fatalities. Are homicidal rampage will prove to the U.S our true capabilities. We are equipped with the finest firearm around and have stolen the most talent horses within our grasps. United together, and we will be invincible. We will roam the local town streets, killing and recruiting any one valuable/wealthy. We have dominated many areas and secret campsites within the western U.S district which include powerful cannons, long ranged gatling guns and a load of TNT.

Joining the posse

If you are interested in joining HAWA, send a friend request to the following username: HinduHunter. Bellow on the sent request please explain your useful qualities that could be helpful in assisting our manhunt e.g. a great skill in shooting from a reasonably long distance. If we accept, (it would take at least a day to reply) we will invite you to a private match so we can set you on a small task that will vary, depending on your specialties. You may be aided by our fellow posse members also depending on the task. You will then be set a role and status in the HAWA. Once you have joined we will inform you how long and when we start our killing spree. For every task you complete we will help gain you up a level or levels depending on your classified rank in the HAWA. IF YOU DO JOIN YOU MUST SELECT A CHARACTER FROM CATERGORY OF MINERS.


We recruit only the valuable, and have many alliances, such as The Native Tribe, who have similiar purposes.


  • LEADER- HinduHunter
  • CO-LEADER-lolpop109

Other members

  • Location Directer- Elvis_the man
  • Foot Soilder- JewLaughs
  • Long Distance Renforcement- MilkyMan
  • Explosion Dictator- arareinfection [e.t.c]

External links

Our ranking system

  • Suicidal Rebelian
  • Firearmed Maniac
  • Skilled Shooter
  • Slick Killer
  • Tactical Teamember
  • Unharmable Warrior
  • Assiatant Co-Leader

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