Red dead marshall

We up hold the law and stop this place turing in hell

Homicidal Knights is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

the Homicidal Knights are a RDD Xbox live clan, we take it seriously but also for fun. Our main HQ is in Blackwater but we have outposts in Armadillo and MacFlane's ranch. We enforce the law but in our own way, the death sentence. If you cross us you better not be breaking the law, we are the real bad guys, a government enforced police unit above the law. If thought you Edgar Ross is bad, you havn't met us.

Cooperate and you want be harmed, don't and you'll be sent home in pieces and a pine box. WE ARE THE LAW, JUDGE, JURY AND EXICUTIONER, WE ARE THE HOMICIDAL KNIGHTS!

Note: All member are commonly active on Xbox Live, we play for fun but will kill andyone who gets in our way when serving justice.

Joining the posse

To join the Homicidal Knights message Hayden Key, do not use windows live, it must be to Hayden Key directly. Thank you and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. Briothers in arms, fight together, die seperate!

P.S. if u think ur sooo awesome, just try to beat me. signed The Headshot Master



  • Hayden Key

--Senior Agents--

  • Squid Blorg
  • Sacrucade5


  • AmazingTommo
  • flible

--Junior Agents--

  • AmazingShaney

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