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HorseBackShankers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We go into towns and shank people on horseback. We also mess around and if you dont like us then you can go flail your self. We are centered on Xbox 360.


We invented two games: 1. Horse V. Man A player on a horse tramples a player on the ground while the player on the ground tries to stab the horse. 2. Horse V. Horse A player on a horse tries to horseback stab another player on a horse doing the same thing.

Joining the posse

You have to prove you can beat a member in horseback shanking duel


  • Leader 1 HBSgraysonbob (gamertag: jammmers)
  • Leader 2 HBSdeliriom (gamertag: Loading skater)

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