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Horseriders of the Lulzpocolypse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Horserider's of the Lulzpocolypse is a Red Dead Redemption Posse on the Xbox 360. It's is simply headed by Widowed Crook but is ran by the posse as a whole who decides on posse activites. At anytime there will be normally at least two posse members online representing us. To organize a match or a Free Roam war please message Widowed Crook on Xbox Live.

Joining the posse

Joining the posse is a matter of being picked. This is not because the posse is a serious competing posse it is so we can communicate with people in the posse better. But if you play with us at one point we may like you enough so that you can become a posse member. Otherwise message Widowed Crook on why you want to be part of the posse.


  • Widowed Crook


  • BMMatt619
  • II 28KiLs L8r x
  • Pittsanator

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