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Hunters Pride is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse


Hello, dont think we just do hunting on RDR just by our name it can mean many things , we reguarly do challenges and bag games , gang shootouts and the other game modes exept shootout as we are at team , when we are in a posse we will all travel by horses exept when we find a cariage I will always be riding shotgun and i will assign the members to difffrent positions. to be in this posse you just have to be a regular player who plays the game as it is and does not fuck around by doing something childish like joing the posse just to kill us , you will not win.

Joining Challenge

To join us you will just have to pass one challenge and that will be take out every gang hideout there is with our help in one session you will have 5 lives and if you die you will be able to try again a week later ( real time) .

X-GH0ST-V2- Im the leader of the posse my favourite weapon is the Henry Reapeater I will always be riding shotgun on the carriage and wagons, I im pretty great with the scoped rifles but i can use any weapon really im a regular player and will be on atleast 4 hours a day unless im going out , im 15 , no i dont turn into a mad virgin when someone kils me im not the type to scream at the TV, im form England

DESERT_RAT96- He is at the moment the posse's co- leader , he is a great player who plays regularly and is a fun guy

SAWYER_BOY- Another great player take's things seriously but a fun player all around

hellholder- A member but will rarely be on RDR as he will be getting noob tubes and sprayed by campers on mw2 the n00b



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