Imperial crusaders(PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a strict clan who are honored to be under the name "imperial crusaders" We do not have and tolerence for any imature personel and to stop this we have a 3 fault system fault 1: a alert fault 2: demotion fault 3: kicked out of clan.

(nm) means no microphone because of that they cannot be leader or be in front of a line formation

Joining the posse

Method 1 (This is if you have been requested to join) 1: go to the bottom of the page and copy and paste the recruitment sheet and fill in the blanks. once completed send a friend request to one of the trainers or a high ranked personel (send the filled in sheet to ) 2:once accepted you must complete the following training sessions

hand combat

after you must complet a loyal test. 3:once everything has been given the ok you will be classed as a offical member (depending how well you did in your training that will tell us from what level we should start you on in our ranks (highest of being 3 and lowest of 1 for recruits). Method 2 (people who have not been asked to join) 1:copy all of method ne but you will start off at a level 1 and your training session will be treated more carefully.

(r10)Commander (only one is permitted on each console)

  • Mr_t_thorp

(r9) Generals

  • Bannana_hands
  • Bradish88


  • Bansaw

(r7) H.A officer

  • Maddo006

(r6) Sergeant

  • The_batch

(r5) trainer and resource team

  • (Due to a lack of personel All members from r6-r9 must do this ranks tasks)

High priority to fill space

(r4) H.c soldier

(demotion from this level will reult to r1)

(r3) s.p soldiers

(can only be assigned to this level) (names are NEVER written down on this page)

(ask leader for names)

(r2) private

u5on1 (nm)

(r1) experiance trained

(r0) recruit

apply sheet

Recruitment letter


Console name:(e.g. steve101)______________

console type:_______________

Method (add the number you are 1 or 2)____

Privacy letter

Country: (if you have any concerns about this contact

Days usually play (delete days you do not play on) \mon\tue\wed\thur\fri\sat\sun\

Additional questions (optional but suggest to answer)

If you have any ideas for the group or would like to report a problem with this recruitment sheet please but write over the line


Once you have completed the sheet send to This information will be stored on a cd (for privacy and protection reasons) Only the recruitment team and leader may reader this at the present time.

External links

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