In effect is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Bring the Noise

From coast to coast, so you stop being like a comatose

"Stand, my man? the beat’s the same with a boost toast

Rock with some pizzazz, it will last. why you ask?

Roll with the rock stars, still never get accepted as We got to plead the fifth, we can investigate Don’t need to wait, get the record straight

Hey,' posse in effect', got flava, terminator

X to sign in checks, play to get paid

We got to check it out down on the avenue A magazine or two is dissing me and dissing you

Yeah, I’m telling you...

Joining the posse

(Euro only)(Mature please)

We're a root'in toot'in, band of no-good-varmints, but if ya's got an X Three Six-shooter, you can come and join our gang. We've bin a round a while so we are Legend.... wait for it.... dary....

Still, we like to play nice if we can, but you ladies out there better beware as we got a mean streak i can tell ya ..

Just use the new tele thingy-message-whatchumacallit on X360 and I'll add ya'll to the gang list.

We're on most nights in the Armadillo Saloon.. so come drink some fire-water and join in the bar brawl...




  • BlackbeltJonzey: The incredible, B, public enemy number one "five-o" said, "freeze!" and they got some...
  • Paynelive: Time for me to exit, terminator x-it... Bring the Noise

Other members

  • Teminator x
  • Flava Flav
  • Chuck D

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