Colonel George Killgore's 2nd Infantry
Independents is a Red Dead Redemption posse and occasional outlaw gang.

About the Independents

They said we lost the war. We aim to prove to 'em that ideas don't die.


From '61-'65 we fought for what we believed, placed our lives on the line in defense of the notion that power corrupts and that the boys in Washington had too much power. With the end of the war, most had no home to return to, or no desire to return to a home that the Union or the railroad could simply take from you. Lot of folks turned outlaw.


Put on your duster, strap on your holster, and saddle your horse. Hear tell that train is carrying a government payroll up to Blackwater. Plan is to take that money, by any means necessary. Remember, though, that most folk aboard are liable to be honest, hard-working men and women, who ain't got no call to kill or be killed. But if someone pulls iron, cut 'em down. We got ourselves a war to fight.

Joining the Independents

Contact Mad_Zorro on the PSNetwork. We're men and women who wore grey during Mr. Lincoln's war, so don't come runnin' to join if you're gonna get upset about fightin' back against the so-called government.


A roster of the fine folks who ride with the Browncoats.


  • Captain Jack "Crazy Fox" Hawkeye > Mad_Zorro <
  • Lieutenant ___________

Other members

  • Sergeant ___________
  • Corporal ___________
  • ___________
  • ___________

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