The basis of our crew

the infected killers from rathskeller fork are a small elite clan of very skilled members. The members of the clan would like others to have skill and not just a high level to go positive when fighting other clans in order to win the match. We know alot of other clans that include the Wild West Mafia, Black hand, gorrilas, silver star, Armadillo Assasins, and the best gang match clan, RDS. all of these we have frequent fight with and we are undafeated, some people however cannot accept the fact that they lost a 7v2 and say that we have, but Milly4life took a picture of the score board with a cell phone and shows that we were in the lead. We are reccuriting members to our clan, our ideal recurit would play red dead a majority of the time, play with us at least 3 times a week, be in 2 legend but is not requried it just shows experince and to go positive consistantly in gang matches.

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