Riding into Diez Coronas
Redemption posses

our old posse with me cut off the photo

Invincible is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We allow any levels and mounts, we play the original and Undead Nightmare, we have 5 groups you can be in, and 3 hideouts. We allow glitches but don't allow cheaters, we allow headsets but you dont need to have them.


No cheaters Do not attempt to assult or kill a member or leader Do not shoot until a leader shoots Do not try to spit up the group Do not be seen off task e.c.t

anyone seen doing this will be moved to the L (lame) group or will be automatically be our enemy.


El Predesto



Joining the posse

MSG Novastart in PS3 and you will be asked to pass a test to see how good you are. You have to do the Twin Rocks hidout under 5 mins and yes you will have a member to help you.


appledap216 Lakspo6572 Novastart


haybale006 koland38 kray39639


Auusta4537 Hakkop dameit456 yayay4537 Plop4586


watsitoya568 cradledadle



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