JCJohnson Clan is a Badass Posse inRed Dead Redemption.


So basically this posse was formed by JCJohnson on accident with the help of Ozone. We will play anything from gang shoot outs, gang hide outs, messing around with fun glitches, starting posse wars etc... There are more than 8 of us, so depending who is online determines who is in the Posse. Usually if there is more than 8 of us we start a second Posse. Most of this Posse is made up of guys, but there are two girls that play (EasyBreezy1988 and CKDPENGUINGIRL). We always love playing with new people!


Anything and everything :)



"Your Ruffles ain't got NO ridges"

"You dude, you got hella yogurt"

"I'm 450 pounds of pure muscle from West Wisconsin"

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