JMA is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About The Posse

{XBOX LIVE ONLY} JMA stands for John Marston's Army. We are a group of friends who enjoy the Wild West and will do what it takes to survive. We aren't known for causing trouble, but surviving it. We also have rules, and if you break them you will be executed by a firing squad, or kicked out of the posse. Rules are as followed:

Rule 1 - No betrayal of anyone in the JMA.

Rule 2 - No unnecessary civilian kills.

Rule 3 - If a member is in trouble, we all go to help.

Our temporary hideout is a small cabin in Tall Trees. It's just a temporary location until we find a suitable place to settle down at.

Joining the posse

Send a message to me, Aerosmither and I will give you your initiation. There is no limit to how many members we have as not all of us are online at the same time, and even then we're not all always playing RDR. So there will be different people in the JMA at different times.



  • Aerosmither [Kade]

Other members

  • XxRoflerxX [Devon]
  • xmannslaughterx [Ryan]
  • xXEman445Xx [Ethan]
  • xx zysner xx [Michael]
  • UltraXxRockerxX [Lukas]

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