Flaming Skull

Semper Fidelis,Carpe Diem

John Marstons Legacy is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We like to have fun and that involves fist fighting and killing each others horses just to make things interesting.

Joining the posse

20 lvl required. Ask any of the three leaders if you want to join. Send one of the leaders a message and we will consider letting you in.


Outlaw Boss

  • Leader 1 ArrivedGunner14

Outlaw Underboss'

  • Leader 2 Gearhead58
  • Leader 3 PH4L25


  • Member 1 ROME 236
  • Member 2 lazyboy412
  • Member 3 Erik Wolff
  • Member 4 UnToUcHaBLE800
  • Member 5 Masterdebater42


  • Member 6 xCountryBallerx
  • Member 7 X JUDIST X
  • Member 8 Dirty Dylan02
  • Member 9 Aaron Salmon
  • Member 10 ej429


  • Member 11 KillerVeritas
  • Member 12 BuckWrestle09
  • Member 13 RickyJam
  • Member 14 Parkerooski88
  • Member 15 ErikXxAndrade


  • Member 16 ForgottenLeader
  • Member 17 italiangrl325

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