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KA By is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

-What's Kick Ass By clan?

We are a new Clan (On Xbox 360) that wants destroy all other Red Dead Redemption's clans, we were "Cavalieri Letali" (xCVLx)

-Is it possible to join "Kick Ass By"?

If you want to join our clan, you send a message to a leader, and through an audition, he will decide if you are suited to the clan.

-What area of expertise does "Kick Ass By" cover?

Kick Ass By plays his clan war in gang shootout only. So, no Free Roam!

-Is it possible to play versus Kick Ass By?

Yes, just contact a member of the clan (preferably the leader) and we will arrange the game.

-Here's a full members list

  • KA By G0DxALEXx (leader)
  • KA By FOLANDI (leader)
  • KA By KiZ4rU (leader)
  • KA By AMAZiiNG (member)
  • KA By neXt hype (member)
  • KA By KAMiiKaZz (member)
  • KA By K4xBoO0M (member)
  • KA By Griver (member)
  • KA By DEAD EYE (member)
  • KA By ExeCu7ioN (member)
  • KA By gRRRingo (member)
  • KA By sky v VIPzX (member)
  • KA By PR3DATORXx (member)
  • KA By Nello john (member)
  • KA By NGuiGui (member)

Facebook page: KA By Page

Thank you for taking your time to read Kick Ass By's Page!

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