Kilkenny County Regulators is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

In 1901, the county territories of Kilkenny and Tipperary were embroiled in a bitter dispute over land and water rights. the dispute turned to open hostility as each side turned to outlaw gangs and ex-army mercenary squads to enforce their holdings (and in some cases, murder neighbouring rivals). At the height of this conflict the Kilkenny town of Kilmoganny hired a
Kilmoganny Regulators
gang of young Irish gunslingers, to form the Kilkenny County Regulators. The intention of the town was to have the outlaws protect the region from bandits crossing the county lines from the Tullaroan territory, that is until the townsfolk realised they'd hired a bunch of alcoholic sociopaths. The Regulators Promptly drank the town dry, burned it to the ground and pissed on the ashes. They now prowl the territories, robbing banks, hunting other gangs and causing chaos and mayhem in equal measures (when not shooting each other for the hell of it). The Regulators operate with a loose code of honor, helping those in trouble from larger gangs etc and rarely attacking lone riders. Those foolish enough to cross the Regulators however soon learn that while they don't draw first, they WILL draw first blood, and once drawn will track an enemy mercilessly before gunning them down, robbing them blind and sexually molesting them (hey, the Prairies a lonely place after all...)

Joining the posse

The Regulators are a tight-knit bunch but will accept new members.Gunslingers wishing to join should be aware that the Regulators insist on this simple code (often at gunpoint):

1)Be a crack-shot

2)Enjoy a twisted sense of humour.

3)Not shoot lone riders till shot at first.

4)Defend lower level strangers from harassment by higher level shitebags.

5)NEVER abandon a fellow Regulator.

Those wishing to join should contact the gangs leaders (mucksavage84 or dutchmeister55) via the PSN to be put through their paces.....



  • Leader 1 mucksavage84
  • Leader 2 dutchmeister55

Other members

  • RustyNoonan
  • evertonfc11
  • killjoy463
  • mp1326

External links (All posse members are in this group)

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