Killer's Of The Phoenix is a weapon found in Red Dead Redemption.


To be one of are member in the Clan you need to Add Longshaperd on PS3 be at least lvl 6 to join are group as Rank Private until General of the Army here are the rank's in the Clan: File:Us-military-rank.jpg E-1 NONE PVT Private: 2011 Pay Scale E-2 PV2 Private 2: 2011 Pay Scale E-3 PFC Private First Class: 2011 Pay Scale E-4 SPC Specialist 2011 Pay Scale E-4 CPL Corporal 2011 Pay Scale E-5 SGT Sergeant 2011 Pay Scale E-6 SSG Staff Sergeant 2011 Pay Scale E-7 SFC Sergeant First Class 2011 Pay Scale E-8 MSG Master Sergeant 2011 Pay Scale E-8 1SG First Sergeant 2011 Pay Scale E-9 SGM Sergeant Major 2011 Pay Scale E-9 CSM Command Sergeant Major 2011 Pay Scale E-9 Special SMA Sergeant Major of the Army 2011 Pay Scale W-1 WO1 Warrant Officer 2011 Pay Scale W-2 CW2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 2011 Pay Scale W-3 CW3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 2011 Pay Scale W-4 CW4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 2011 Pay Scale W-5 CW5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 2011 Pay Scale O-1 2LT Second Lieutenant 2011 Pay Scale O-2 1LT First Lieutenant 2011 Pay Scale O-3 CPT Captain 2011 Pay Scale O-4 MAJ Major 2011 Pay Scale O-5 LTC Lieutenant Colonel 2011 Pay Scale O-6 COL Colonel 2011 Pay Scale O-7 BG Brigadier General 2011 Pay Scale O-8 MG Major General: 2011 Pay Scale O-9 LTG Lieutenant General: 2011 Pay Scale O-10 GEN General-Co-Founder: 2011 Pay Scale Special GA General of the Army-Founder: Reserved for Wartime


You allow to use all of those Gun's unless is fine with the Co-Leader or the Leader or the Founder! 

Rules: 1# Don't shoot at any one with out permission or order 2# Be Respectful to the Founder and the member's and high ranks above you! 3#All way's the Leader is in the front when riding to someplace 4#No coursing or bulling or making fun at if I see you doing that you out of the clan until The Founder tell you you can join again and you be De-rank blow you're regular rank! with 1 warning. 5# Don't Break the Golden rules!.



   * Fists w/ C.Q.C. moves (image)
   * Bowie Knife (image)
   * Lasso (image)
   * ***Perhaps many environment objects and tools from NPCs***


   * Dynamite (image)
   * Fire Bottle (image)
   * Throwing Knife (image)


   * Borchardt C-93 Pistol (image) (wiki)
   * Cattleman Revolver (image) (site) Replica of Colt Single Action Army "Peacemaker" Revolver (wiki)
   * Colt Model 1903 Pistol (image) (wiki) Or could be the Colt Model 1908 Pistol
   * Colt Police Postive Revolver (image) (wiki) Or could be the Colt New Service Revolver (wiki)
   * LeMat Revolver (image) (wiki) Unknown if the under barrel is usable
   * Mauser C96 Pistol (image) (wiki)
   * Smith & Wesson No.3 Revolver (image) (wiki)
   * Volcanic Pistol (image) (wiki)
   * ***Perhaps many more revolvers probably varying by stats***


   * Browning Automatic 5 Shotgun (image) (wiki)
   * Colt Model 1878 "Coach Gun" Shotgun (image) (wiki)
   * Sawed-Off Shotgun (image) (wiki)
   * Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun (image) (wiki)
   * ***Perhaps many more shotguns probably varying by stats***


   * Carcano Model 1891 Sniper Rifle(image) (wiki)
   * Evans Repeating Rifle (image) (site)
   * Henry Rifle (image) (wiki)
   * Long Malcolm Sniper Rifle (image) (site)
   * Sharps Model 1874 Buffalo Rifle (image) (wiki)
   * Spencer Model 1860 Repeater Carbine (image) (wiki)
   * Springfield Model 1873 Rifle (image) (wiki)
   * Springfield "Krag" Rifle (image) (wiki)
   * Winchester Model 1873 Rifle (image) (wiki)
   * ***Perhaps many more rifles probably varying by stats***

Fixed Emplacement

   * Cannon (image)
   * Gatling Gun (image) (wiki)
   * MG08 (image) (wiki)
   * TNT (image)

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