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Killer of the night

Killers of the night is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

This posse was created by will marston the leader of a band of dangarous killers. Will marston was born on mc farlins ranch in the 19th centry he started of and a farm hand. After his master was killed he turned in to an outlaw and fell in with a gang call the knights of the west( made by battledezzi21). After years of killing and robing he made his own posse called the killers of the night. the killers of the night help any one willing to pay. They offer a bounty hutting service and a protection service, the have also been known to do assassinations for more trusted custermers. The posse is the most fered in the land and we will conquer and kill all in our way. LOGO IS THE DARKWATCH LOGO FROM THE GAME DARKWATCH BY HIGH MOON STUDIOS.

Joining the posse

join this posse by emailing me at leve your name and chosen rank with me and I will add you




elite members

commader :ancentpredator

grenral :battledezzi21

major :scarxpredator

kid: spacexmarrine123

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