Killuminati is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We travel together, We kill together,

We ride together, We'll die together.

Brothers to the End.

Death Before Dishonor.

Motto: "Fuck The Law".

Joining the posse

Contact the leader by texting him at 508-425-1584. Mention which position you would like to fill, your gamertag, and your in-game rank level.



  • Leader "OG Treezy"
  • Co-Leader (POSITION OPEN)

Other members

  • Close-Range Specialist (POSITION OPEN)
  • Long-Range Specialist (POSITION OPEN)
  • Scout Group Leader (POSITION OPEN)
  • Scout Infantryman 1 (POSITION OPEN)
  • Scout Infantryman 2 (POSITION OPEN)
  • Scout Infantryman 3 (POSITION OPEN)
  • Stage-Coach Driver (POSITION OPEN)
  • Stage-Coach Guard (POSITION OPEN)

External links

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