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King Fischer's Riders aka The Rustlers is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Back In 1889-91 there was a thunder rolling through the west a reckoning if you will the name of this force went by King Fischer, not a lot is known about King other then his kill count and when he started, as of now he hold 46 counts of murder 20 counts of cattle rustling 34 counts of robbery and 40 counts of arson with his gangs the riders in the early 1880's he had met a mysterious stranger and a circus freak (Red "Dead Eye" Harlow and Josh "Pig" Thompson respectively) together along with Clay Allison, John Marston, and Jim Mccalister they ruled the western frontier rivaled only by The Cowboys (another legendary bloodthirsty gang only difference was lack of honor amongst The Cowboys). around the early 1890's 91' 92' to be exact the bloodthirsty murderer King Fischer was ambushed along with his gang by The Cowboys led by "Bloody" Bill Williamson and "Ugly" Chris and were left for dead in a burning building. Along the escapees were Red and "Pig" Josh no other escaped although reasonable suspicion suggests others had escaped the building as of now no accounts have been confirmed or denied. The chaos that ensued was well hidden and it appears Both Red and Josh have no intention continuing what there leader and blood brother started and have since disappeared amongst the indian territory (also known as Arkanas). With the Riders disbanded The Cowboys wreck more havoc then ever as much as the people hated King Fischer and his Riders all cannot agree more that with them around the people weren't bothered with the cowboys. Recent newspaper reports suggest that Red has returned and is ready to exact the revenge for the killing of his brothers and former gang members only time will tell. One thing that still to this day no one can agree on is amongst the bodies recovered from the fire King Fischers body was never found some report he burnt beyond confirmation others think that he survived and had a wake up call from the fire and was too afraid to let his gang know his intentions but others think hes out there waiting to exact his revenge on The Cowboys, only time will tell.

Joining the posse

interested in joining let me know only looking for serious players willing to follow any rules placed by the leaders we're treating this posse as an r.p.g in ways just for the simple fact we have a detailed backstory and we kind of like to keep in character not extreme or anything but that we acknowledge the backstory gamertag-UnityBag4032


  • King Fischer (Deceased?/MIA)
  • Red "Dead Eye" Harlow

Other members

  • "Pig" Josh Thompson (Right Hand)
  • John Marston (Left Hand)
  • Clay Allison (Runner/Scout/Messager)

External links

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