Knights of

Knights of Cydonia is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

"No one's gonna take us alive, the time has come to make things right, you and I must fight for our rights, you and I must fight to survive!"

We play on X-Box Live

(The posse name, song lyrics that inspired it, and picture, all belong to the band Muse. Thanks for the Inspiration)

Joining the posse

This is a private posse, you must know one of the members to get in.



  • Peltier1990 AKA 'Scar'
  • Ginger1989 AKA 'Red'

Other members

  • RustyJohnson69 AKA 'Whistling Willy'
  • FUZ MAST3R FL3X AKA 'Fuzzy'

External links

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