Knights of Gilead is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

In short, we are an Xbox Live Counter-Troll posse. We are a small-time, casual posse and a tightly-nit group of friends. The group name is derived from Stephen King's seven book series: The Dark Tower. We storm the country side enforcing justice as Gunslingers. We will hunt down outlaws and any others we deem unfit to live. We will come to the aide of any other player being trolled if asked.

Joining the posse

To be honest, we aren't looking for members, and you most likely wouldn't want to run with us. We don't have time for trolls or other immature players. If however, you are 16 or older, speak perfect English, and have read or are at least reading the Dark Tower Series you may request to join.



  • Pandoras Army
  • Jackal93

Other members

  • Tj Dude 702
  • Toxic Fat Man
  • dutchaze.

External links

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