LIFE AFTER DEATH is a Red Dead Redemption clan

About the Clan

Rdr carnelius wolfe02

Link Huston in background

1. We are a zombie clan on XBOX360.

2. Our goal is to enjoy RDR like the old days

Joining the Clan

1. Must be loyal and a respectable person



  •  xLADx MiaMyla
  •  xLADx Leviathan
  • xLADx Original


  • MiaMyla
  • Cobra Kai
  • GatlingHunter
  • XxPureSoldierxX


  • xLADx Leviathan
  • xLADx Original
  • xLADxL3viathan
  • xLADx Tucan Sam
  • xLADx Jah Rista
  • xLADx Miss Nina
  • xLADx Braska
  • xLADx CheVii Boi

Retired Members

  • TBA

External links

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